Stack and Source Emission Monitoring

Exsolpro provides high quality, guaranteed valid stack emission testing services to industrial sectors ranging from oil and gas, carbon black and tyre manufacturing, electronics, cement plants, power plants, automotive (both MNC and SMEs) . We are committed to providing our clients with superior emission monitoring services through strict adherence to proven test methodologies. When looking for emissions measurement solutions that go eyond the MS and USEPA Reference Method approach, our engineers and scientists will design the right program for you.
Exsolpro performs the full spectrum of stack testing services to all types of industries, worldwide, satisfying regulatory requirements for emissions testing as well as providing vital process evaluation data, performance optimization and guarantee testing.   Our stack monitoring crew routinely monitor for all regulated pollutants, including criteria pollutants, hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds that include:

    • 1.Dust Particulate matter
    • 2.Heavy Metals
    • 3.Major Pollutant Gaseous, SOx, NOx, HF, H2SO4,HS, Cl2  
    • 4.Dioxins / furans, PCBs and PAHs
    • 5.Volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds
    • 6.Hydrocarbons
    • 7.Combustion efficiency  
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